Seafield Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance Room is situated in the foyer of the crematorium. The pages are made from sheepskin parchment and are edge-gilded with 24 carat gold. The entries are carefully executed by highly skilled artists, and inscribed with the chosen wording hand-penned in black and red ink. The minimum entry is of two lines with the first line consisting of the name only. With entries of five or more lines, space is available to enhance the memorial by the inclusion of a miniature work of art, such as a floral emblem, animal or bird, badge of a society or organisation, a regimental badge, crest or coat of arms.

  • There are pages for each day of the year.
  • Entries are normally entered under the date of death
  • The Book of Remembrance is in six-monthly volumes.
  • The volumes for January to June are present from January to June
  • The volumes for July to December are present from July to December
  • All volumes are at the crematorium over the Christmas and New Year period.
  • We turn the pages daily to display the entries on their anniversary.
  • You may view your entry on any day (not just the anniversary of the date of death) with the assistance of a member of staff, provided that the relevant volume is at the crematorium.

Electronic Book of Remembrance

We also have a touch screen version of the Book of Remembrance and any entry inscribed into the actual book will also be displayed here. This enables you to view any date without the help of a member of staff.

View Electronic Book of Remembrance


Entries follow a standard format and are defined by the number of lines i.e. two, five or eight lines. The name is always placed on the first line with the surname first. Almost any kind of floral emblem or badge can be inscribed, but due to the space required this is only possible with entries of five or eight line inscriptions.

Personal Copies: Miniature Books and Remembrance Cards

We are also able to provide personal copies of the inscription in the form of a Miniature Book or Remembrance Card.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

T: 0131 554 3496