Burials at Seafield Cemetery

Seafield Cemetery was opened in 1887 to serve the residents of Leith. Over the years, we have continually adapted to suit changing demands, whilst always aiming to maintained traditional values. We still dig our graves by hand and our attendants wear morning suits while carrying out their burial duties.

The Lairs

Lairs can be purchased for two or three interments. We do not offer the pre-purchase of lairs as there are small pockets of land in the cemetery which are unsuitable for burial and it is is not possible to determine the ground conditions until the lair is opened for an interment, which is aimed at avoiding the distress of purchasing an unsuitable lair. However, as an alternative we do offer mausolea and burial chambers can be purchased in advance in Seafield Courtyard

The Headstone or Memorial

If you wish to erect a headstone or other memorial on the lair, you should submit an application giving full details of the proposed memorial for prior approval. Certain restrictions do apply including the size and how the memorial is fitted. The company makes a charge for the erection of any memorial, which covers the resultant increase in ground maintenance, the preparation of any foundation, and all subsequent safety inspections of the memorial.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

T: 0131 554 3496
E: seafield@edinburghcrematorium.com