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Edinburgh Crematorium Ltd purchased Easter Warriston House and grounds which it converted into Warriston Crematorium.

Easter Warriston House, a two-storey villa, was built in 1808 by Andrew Bonar of Ramsay, Bonar & Co, one of the banks responsible for the financing of the construction of Edinburgh's New Town. Easter Warriston House was converted into a crematorium in 1929 by Sir Robert Lorimer's architectural practice, Lorimer & Matthew. The Crematorium was officially opened on Thursday 3rd October 1929. Sir Robert himself died shortly before the completion of the Crematorium.

From the beginning Warriston has been the pre-eminent crematorium in Scotland. Its first cremation, carried out on October 29th 1929, was of the late Allan Henderson who had been His Majesty's Consul in Malaga at the time of his death.

The pre-war period saw Warriston carry out the cremations of such luminaries as Sir Reginald Fleming Johnston (tutor to the last emperor of China), Alfred Adler (Austrian psychologist, a colleague of Freud and Jung, he developed the concept of the Inferiority Complex), and Arthur Kinmond Bell (distiller and philanthropist).

The intervening years have continued in the same vein with notable names ranging from professional footballers to stage, screen and t.v. icons. In March 2008 Warriston became the first crematorium in Scotland to fit mercury abatement equipment to existing cremators, well ahead of the government deadline of December 2012.