Seafield Courtyard

Seafield Crematorium Funeral Services

Seafield Crematorium Chapel

The chapel has seating for approximately 120 people and has room for many more standing. Services can be relayed by loudspeaker to the adjoining Waiting Room and also externally when necessary. The cost of a cremation service is £762 (including an Environmental Surcharge).

Religious / Non-Religious Services

The chapel is non-denominational. We aim for it to be used by people of all faiths and of none. Certain Christian symbols are present, but those that are removable will be removed on request. We also have symbols representing the Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist religions, which can be placed in the chapel on request. We would ask for 24 hours' notice of any such request.

It is not necessary for a minister or other religious official to officiate at the service. It is entirely in order for a member of the family or a friend of the family to take on this role. We would also encourage family and friends to become actively involved in the arranging of the service, if they so wish.

The services are at hourly intervals and start on the hour. The first service is at 9.00am and the last at 4.00pm. The service itself should finish at least 20 minutes prior to the following service, to allow sufficient time for mourners to leave the chapel and for the staff to prepare for the next funeral.


Our digital music system contains an extensive range of music also as well as traditional pieces of music played at funerals this includes popular, classical and religious. Some of the Hymns include a small choir, although an organ only version is available if preferred.

We are able to source any additional music, providing it is currently commercially available, although we will need at least two working days notice.

The chapel has an organ, and an organist can be provided for each service if necessary, at no additional cost.


Recording and Viewing over the Internet

We are able to provide a CD or DVD recording of the service. We also have the facility to view services over the internet, webcast, where the funeral may be viewed live (and also for a week afterwards) , this can only be seen by those authorised by the person arranging the funeral. There is a small charge for hosting, associated for a webcast, CD or DVD. Please note that the DVDs are simply a copy of the web cast.


If you have any questions or would like to contact us:

Telephone: 0131 554 3496,