Seafield Crematorium - providing a modern service while retaining traditional values.

Seafield Road, Edinburgh EH6 7LD
Telephone 0131 554 3496

The first cremation at Seafield Crematorium carried out on 3rd May 1939. Through the decades, we have cultivated a long tradition of providing an exemplary service to the people of Edinburgh and the Lothians. Changes in society in general and attitudes to bereavement in particular, have been immense over the years and Seafield Crematorium has sensitively changed with the times.

If you are exploring the idea of a cremation for a loved one, please view pages detailing our Funerals, Memorial and Cremated Remains services:


Funeral services at Seafield Crematorium

Our chapel is non-denominational, to be used by people of all faiths and also by those who have none.


Seafield Crematorium Memorials

We offer an exceptional wide range of memorials and would recommend that you visit the Crematorium to help you make the right choice for your loved one


Seafield Ashes

Seafield Crematorium offer a number of options for the disposal of ashes.