Seafield Courtyard

Seafield Courtyard - Burials placed in a Mausoleum or Burial Chamber

An Alternative Method Of Burial

Seafield Courtyard is an alternative to traditional earth burial, coffins can be placed in either an overground Mausoleum or a below ground Burial Chamber, burial rights are granted for 99 years.

The Mausoleum Chambers

There are thirty six Mausoleum chambers, which can each hold one coffin each. These above ground chambers are hermetically sealed and have a granite plaque front which can be inscribed. The thirty six chambers are in three rows. The bottom row is at ground level and the top row is at shoulder height.

The Burial Chambers

There are sixty two Burial Chambers. These chambers are also hermetically sealed but are partially set into the ground similar to a traditional lair. Each chamber has two levels so it can hold up to two coffins. The part of the chamber that is above ground is granite clad. An inscribed memorial stone is provided.

Ashes Vaults

There are also two types of ashes vault available. Thirty granite plaques in the centre of the Mausoleum complex. and fourty below ground vaults in an adjacent area. Each have plaques which can be inscribed, and covers the vault which contains the ashes that can hold up to two sets of ashes.

We also provide ashes lairs which are a tranditional lair with a choice of headstones

Charges (from 01.01.2018)

(99 year burial rights- includes interment fee and the first inscription of up to 90 letters)

(99 year burial rights- includes interment fee and the first inscription of up to 90 letters)

(25 year lease - includes inscribed granite plaque)

ASHES LAIR - £1,575
(25 year burail rights- includes first interment and inscribed granite memorial)


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