Seafield Cemetery: serving Edinburgh and the Lothians for over 120 years.

Seafield Road, Edinburgh EH6 7LD
Telephone 0131 554 3496

Seafield Cemetery opened in 1888. Leith’s rich history as Edinburgh’s port is reflected in the wide range of people who have Seafield Cemetery as their final resting place. The headstones tell a story of people from all walks of life, and frequently with a nautical connection.

If you are exploring the idea of a burial for a loved one, please view our Cemetery and Courtyard pages which give you detailed information of our services. Seafield War Memorials can also be accessed via the links on this page:


Seafield Burials

Proud of our history serving the Edinburgh and Leith community. We still dig our graves by hand and our attendants wear morning suits while carrying out burial duties.


Seafield Courtyard

Seafield Courtyard is a new development, instead of the traditional earth burial, coffins can be placed in a Mausoleum or a Burial Chamber.


Seafield War Memorials

Seafield has memorials to the dead of both World Wars.